Catching up…

I’ve got that many social media accounts, applications to access them and methods of cross posting from one to another that quite frankly I’ve tied myself in knots.

So, starting today, I’m trying to unravel them all and come up with something far simpler. The question is, which social networks to use? Well it appears that the heavyweights of twitter and Facebook are too strong to be ignored so they need to be in the mix. Add to that I’ve never really properly got going with the blog (but want to) that I think I’m now close to deciding the best way forward.

So, from today, any posts to my blog will now get auto posted to both Facebook and twitter. And I’ll endeavour to update the blog far more regularly than I’ve done over recent months. Short (and more frequent updates) will get posted to twitter but not Facebook. Updates that involve photos and videos that I don’t want the world to see but am happy to share with friends will go to Facebook. Not sure where google+ fits into all this at the moment. I’m sensing it hasn’t quite ‘taken off’ as much as was anticipated. For now it’ll probably just take the feed from the blog.

So, all clear? No, I guessed not.


Catching up…