Time Team Dig Village – Interim Report Launch

Since 2012, I’ve had the good fortune to be involved with the Time Team Dig Village project, currently running down at Dunster in Somerset. You’ve no doubt seen the pictures and posts that periodically show on my little used social media sites when an event is taking place.

While the project is still ongoing, there comes a time at which an interim report is needed to let everyone know what the latest findings are. Ideally it needs to satisfy both the professional archaeologist(s), plus, be readable by the general public so that they can easily understand the content without having to know too much about archaeology itself.

Down in Dunster this last weekend (26th January 2019), that interim report was launched. Sufficient copies were printed to be able to freely distribute it locally to those who are involved in the project, plus some copies for the necessary archaeological records. I’ll amend this post in due course since the intention is to make a PDF of the report freely available online for anyone to look at. I’ll post that link once it’s available,

While the project continues, it was really great to see the culmination of several years work make up the content of the report. We held the launch in the local Dunster Museum. A small video of the event can be seen here.

I’ve really enjoyed working as part of this project, it’s been both rewarding and educational. Long may it continue!


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