Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

I guess it had to happen sooner or later. It’s over ten years since I got involved with internet linking on Amateur Radio with IRLP and Echolink. But I was never really swayed by the upcoming digital modes. At the time D-Star appeared to be the front runner, and since then there have been others, including (probably) the two most popular other ones, Fusion (C4FM) and DMR. But Analogue was (and probably still is) my preferred option.

However, things move on, and I’m now developing an interest in DMR. For those that understand the technology, it’s essentially a time division multiplied system that splits one 12.5kHz channel into two 6.25kHz ones. From a telecoms point of view it’s something I’m very familiar with, but the implementation of it for Amateur Radio is another thing. In my experience the best way to learn is to play. So I’ve acquired a couple of pieces of kit which will allow me to do just that.

I’m now reading up about it, and as ever, as with other aspects of the hobby, there are various ‘factions’. Straight away I can see there are two variants I can use, both of which in their own right are I’m sure perfectly fine. But it’s one or the other. Both will have pros and cons. What I need to work out is which one is the best for me. I then need to work out how to programme all the options. This may take some time. Anyway, within a few days, expect to see G4EID appear on one or other of the DMR systems.

73, Mark.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)