GB3OA repeater moving….

Just a quick heads up for all the local radio amateurs that listen to or use Southport’s repeater GB3OA.

For some months now, it’s been planned to move the repeater to a new site. After some issues along the way, that move is about to start. Tomorrow (Thursday 28th February), the repeater will be taken off air for some maintenance, to ensure that when it’s moved, it’s been checked out and given a clean bill of health before it’s installed at its new location.

I hope to have it back on air sooner rather than later, but will keep everyone up to date regarding progress.

Some may have noticed that over recent months the performance of the repeater hasn’t been great, I suspect it’s due to an excessive level of noise around the input frequency at the current site. From what I can tell, the noise at the new site is far less, so we’ll just have to hope that the situation improves once its moved. The new site is fairly close to the existing one, so there shouldn’t be any significant change in the coverage.


GB3OA repeater moving….