Liverpool FC’s Renaissance

Over recent years, other than several significant Cup wins, Liverpool’s record in the Premiership, or the old League Division One as I still like to call it, hasn’t been great. Specifically, they’ve not won it since the 89/90 season.

I am lucky enough to have experienced the “glory years” as some call it, where winning the league, was almost taken as a given, and if we didn’t win, second was more or less a safe bet. Since then of course, things have been a little different.

While there have been several false dawns, the current squad, under Brendan Rodgers, and more specifically the way he has the team playing, is certainly bringing back memories of how the Liverpool teams of old used to approach games. And I’m rather liking it.

A top four finish this year was my hope. Beyond that, maybe in a couple of years or so, with a handful of games to go, if there was technically a chance we could be in the mix for the title, I’d take that as a huge leap forward. Well it appears we are already there. If Utd beat City this week, and Liverpool win all their remaining games, we’ll be Champions. Do I think it’ll happen? Almost certainly not, but to get this close, and to see the way we’re playing, gives me great confidence for the years ahead.

I’ll subscribe to Rodger’s “only focussing on the next game” approach, but I’m sure there are many supporters who are already daring to dream?

Happy days….



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