NHS 28 day repeat prescriptions

So, I pop to the Doctors to pick up my repeat prescription for two months supply of blood pressure pills. I’ve been doing it for a few years now, and while my dose is now starting to decrease since my exercise campaign of the last couple of years is having a positive effect, I’m told I’ll be on these pills until I’m finally nailed into my box awaiting final dispatch. Anyway, I noticed a carefully stapled note with my my prescription which stated that my next prescription will only be for a one month (28 day) supply.

What are the benefits of 28 day prescribing? Well all sorts of grand words quoted regarding effective patient care, and less drug wastage, government directives and all that, but call me cynical, but at a stroke, I’m now paying double what I’ve been used to. If you’re on a repeat prescription, it’s for a reason surely?  I’m not going to chuck the stuff away? Why can’t they be man enough to simply say we’re desperately short of cash and this is the simplest method we could think of to raise income quickly?

Ok, I can afford it, but it’s yet another indirect tax whittling away at an ever decreasing net disposable income.


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