Another season with no title….

Well another Premiership season draws to a close, and yet again, Liverpool fall short of landing the title. Looking at it that way, you’d have to say it’s disappointing.

That said, I know we’ve two more games to play yet, but we’ve only lost twice this season, and finshed well on top in the “mini league” of the big four. If we win our last two, that’ll be our highest ever points haul in the Premiership. Most will say (and I won’t dispute), that we lost this one through some distinctly average draws (mostly at home) against some teams that should have been dispatched very easily. It’s a case of so near yet so far.
Many have said in that past the “Next year’s our year” and until now have been proven horribly wrong. This year, I genuinely think we do stand a good chance in 2009/10, *but* we have to be aware that it’s going to be much harder. This year, ManU came good, congratulations to them, but in all fairness, I don’t think they’ve played that well. If they play next year the way we know they can, we’ll have to make sure we have no silly slip ups against the “lesser” teams. 
Fergie’s stated he doesn’t intend to spend any money in the summer, not sure how much I believe that, but one area where Utd leave Liverpool in their wake all the time, is their ability to call guys from the squad that have equal quality to those they’re replacing through injury or rotation. For sure, Liverpool have some world class players, but their overall squad is not up to that of Utd’s. Just hope that if this ownership debacle is ever resolved, we’ll get a chance to even the scales up a little bit.
Looking on the bright side, at least the cricket season is upon us!

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