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A collection of what’s been going on this last week….

Spent a couple of days staying in London while working down South. The girls were already there on a short break so took Mikey down and stopped with them while I went off to a few meetings. The sheer pace of London astounds me, I’d far rather be in a sleepy rural village, how folk can cope with life at 100mph is beyond me. Sure, there are some great things you can see / do there, I always leave the place feeling totally cream crackered.

Whilst the conditions permitted, I’ ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to take some photographs of the Space Station while it passed though the night sky. It’s unmistakable to spot, so bright and traveling at such speed, but trying to get a shot at it is damn nigh impossible. It’s too fast to have the camera on a tripod, yet the camera shake if you don’t is too great. Must research some more, I’m sure there’ll be a way.

Got my erroneous data charges dropped by O2 (while roaming in Jersey), looks like there may have been an issue with the data roaming actually being on even though it was off (which is what I thought), I’ve to update the phone and all should be well. Great jesture by O2, I was sort of expecting to have to pay it since it was only my word against theirs, but good on them for doing it.

Must valet the car today, I’ve already racked up 12k miles in not many months and it’s badly in need of a clean, no excuses either I’m afraid, the sun is just starting to break through.

On the sporting front, Mikey’s toe is still on the mend, although he’s been told he can’t play cricket for another 3 weeks, not what he wanted to hear. I’ve been playing (and enjoying) golf about once a week, but only played cricket once in the last month.

Managed to secure a pair of tickets for the last day of the Ashes test at Headingley, just hope the game lasts that long 🙂


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