Doctor Who

Well, it’s been and gone. The new Doctor in Matt Smith, with the new look and feel, production team, new music, everything really.

I really did have my doubts how it would stand up to the previous programmes, how could they possibly be as good? Well, if there’s one body you should always trust, it’s the BBC, since the latest version surpassed my wildest dreams. Everything about it was superb, script, production, acting, the lot. David Tennant is now but a memory (although an exceptionally good one), and I’m looking forward intensely to the rest of the new series, just hope it’s all as good. Mr. Moffat always did impress me with his story lines, “Blink” especially. Here’s to more of the same. At last, some decent TV on a Saturday night, all I need is “Time Team” on Sunday again, and all will be well…


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