Wish Google would think things through sometime….

Google encourage you to use gmail, to the extent there’s all sorts of bells and whistles to integrate all your email accounts into it. It has tools to import, filter, and, most importantly, when responding to a mail, make it appear to come from the address it was sent to.

So, you could have john.smith@myworkaddress.com john.smith33@somepersonalemail.com jsmith@xhotmailx.com all arriving in your gmail account automatically. Nice. When you hit reply, the mail is sent as if from the address it was sent to, i.e. your works address, personal address, whatever. It keeps everything nicely backed up in your gmail account. No lost mails, all archived. Perfect.

So, bring on the gmail app written by google for the google android phone. I’d sort of assumed the functionality above would be there. Sadly not. When you hit reply from you gmail app, the mail always gets sent from the native gmail address. How naff is that? If you google “send as” and “gmail map” you’ll see I’m not the only one complaining.

So, it’s back to poxy pop or standard imap in the email client and set accounts up individually. What a pain.


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