Giving Google AdSense a go…

Ok, I’ve been thinking of this for a while, looking at the web as an opportunity to generate some extra beer money (or more realistically to attempt to claw back some of my costs for the servers I have to pay for to provide some of the services that I offer).

I must make it clear, I know nothing about this, will I expect to make my million in the first week? I suspect not. What I need to know is for the inconvenience of having to host adverts, what revenue will it actually generate? If the answer is going to be precious little, then I’ll be turning them off pretty quickly. There are all sorts of claims out there, most of which I’ll take with a pinch of salt. By I pay out around £100 a month on servers, if I can begin to claim at least some of that back, I’ll be fairly happy.

So, apologies to all who are wondering what the hell’s going on, treat it as an experiment 🙂


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