Well it’s always interesting at LFC….

It’s certainly been an entertaining season at Liverpool. More lows than highs for sure, but at least since the new owners and the return of Kenny, things have been looking far more positive. Add to that the latest high cost signing, and what could go wrong?

Reports now state our current number nine wants out. Given all the positive news recently, the timing of his request is most interesting. To me it shows he’s wanted away for some time now. Understandable upto a few weeks ago, but you’d have thought given the current situation he’d have wanted to at least see how it went until the end of the season. Apparently not.

So, in my view he can go, I’d far rather have committed players. But I hope LFC can (quickly) find a European buyer rather than him go to another Premiership side. Selling to Chelsea sends out the wrong message.


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