Farewell BE / O2 Broadband

In a way I’m sad to be leaving what I knew as BE Broadband. Sure, O2 bought it out, but essentially the service level has always been maintained. I’ve had a steady 10MB/s downstream and 1MB/s upstream for as long as I’ve been with them (which is a few years now). I’ve had no cause for complaint about their service that’s for sure.

But with news that they wouldn’t be supporting Fibre, and the recent announcement that O2 had sold the business to Sky, I’ve no option but to move. I’ve been with Sky in the past, and whether I had some dodgy hardware I’m not sure, but experience was far from good. Add to that they don’t support fixed IP addresses, means they’re also a none starter.

So, I’m going to give BT a go. God help me. I’m told they’ve improved, plus I’ll get Fibre just as soon as they can be arsed to install it in my local “Cabinet”. They appear to run full ADSL2+ (annexe M) so fingers crossed I shouldn’t be any worse off than I am now.

We’ll see.


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  1. As a follow up, I’m now “on” BT (residential). Have to say the experience so far is not great. I’ll reserve judgement until they’ve finished the processing of changing my line parameters to an optimum configuration, but so far, the connection often drops, and sometimes slows to a crawl. Whether it’s a feature of their Home Hub I don’t know, but their (BT) DNS servers frequently time out, and worse still, the hub does not allow any modification of them either. My Kodak printer will no longer connect to the Home Hub, it appears to be a very common problem.

    I’ve already placed an order to move to BT Business. Sincerely hope this resolves the current difficulties. Better contention, “guaranteed” bandwidth and hopefully a stable service.

    Time will tell.


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