BT Infinity – well apparently not for me.

Getting somewhat depressed now. My local exchange was Infinity enabled nearly twelve months ago, but as BT fail to point out, at least outside of the small print, getting an exchange enabled for Infinity certainly does not mean you can look forward to an uplift in internet speeds.

The first port of call for the twisted copper pair once it leaves your house, is a local street side cabinet. After some research, mine is “CAB39” on Fleetwood Road in Southport. While BT may well have enabled the exchange that it’s connected to (in this case Churchtown), it sadly has not enabled every cabinet connected to it. And guess what, CAB39 is on the “unlucky” list. BT clearly have their reasons as to which cabinets they will enable, and those that they won’t, and I’d be astonished if it was for any other reason than what the return on investment is likely to be. If it’ll pay back quickly, it’ll get done, if not, at least for now, forget it.

While I’m in fairly highly populated area. I can only assume that the amount of folk hanging off this cabinet who have broadband must be small, and hence it makes no business sense (at least to BT) to enable it. Fine for them, a bloody nightmare for me.  Sure they’ve prioritised (rightly) those areas that had buttock clenchingly piss poor broadband (due to distance from the exchange), but since I have pretty good existing speeds of broadband (10 MB/s up and 1MB/s down), that’s no doubt deemed ok for now.

What hacks me off, is the lack of transparency from BT on this. Why put posters everywhere in the area saying BT Infinity is available, when clearly it’s not available to everyone. More to the point, there’s no way (at least to date) that they’ll commit to me when it might finally get done.

Seems like I’ll be stuck in a technological “Black Hole” for some time to come yet. That, or I just move.


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