Musings for 2019.

Well yes, it’s been rather quiet on here. But at the same time 2018 was quite some year to take in. And I’m not sure I coped very well with it. The subject of news, or rather fake news, and all that that drives into society will no doubt feature in some future post that I feel I must write, since in my view, we’re already well down a very slippery slope….

Nevertheless a lot of good things happened (for me at least), one of which is the decision to largely withdraw from Facebook. At some point, it’s highly likely I will deactivate and then delete my FB account. The reasons for doing this will I’m sure be obvious to many, but in short, I simply do not trust FB any more. True, that could be said for many other organisations, but the latest revelation that contents of private messages were made available to other companies was the final straw.

There is a growing trend now to get back to your own ‘personal’ space on the internet, one where the individual has the control. I’ve had this WordPress site for some time now, and it’s my intention to keep it far more up to date. There will be more categories covering my interests so it’s easy to avoid any content that may not be of interest. And more than likely what I guess I’d call a ‘rant’ category where I’ll make it clear where I stand on the whatever is the hot topic of the day!

I’ll still be using Twitter for the short(er) updates, but here is where you’ll find a little more. It’s likely I’ll stop posting to Instagram too, so expect to see more photographs here too.

So, it’s time for me to freshen up the site, and prepare to start making it a little busier 🙂


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