The mind was willing….

Just an update on how things went in the cricket last weekend. Having bought all the gear, and been selected, I looked forward to the game against Leigh III last Sunday at our place (Fleetwood Hesketh). We chose to bat first with me at number 10 and Mikey at 11.

After a good start we were getting near to end of the 45 overs when we started to lose some wickets, with the result that I was walking out to bat with around 43 overs gone. First ball, a small “nurdle” round the corner with a shout for the single. I set off, only to feel after three paces as though I’d been shot in the leg. Could barely walk let alone run after that. Managed to stay in until the end, but could only “hop” the odd run much to the amusement of the galleries 🙂 Thankfully our 12th man (cheers Craig) took up my fielding duties thereafter.

The moral of the story is, (from bitter experience), the mind still thinks the body can accomplish things it used to do, but as the years creep up, the body doesn’t always agree and follow instruction. I should have warmed up I guess, for sure I will next time. I’m pleased to report that although I couldn’t walk yesterday, things are distinctly better now. From my online self-diagnosis I think I had a thigh strain, who knows for sure, all I do know is that it hurt like hell!

Aiming to be at nets on Thursday anyway, and still enjoying my comeback immensely.


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