Home alone…

Well, we’re surviving quite well. The wife and daughter have travelled to Jersey for a few days, (where it’s rained all week so far), for a short break leaving me and Mikey to fend for ourselves.

So far so good. On top of the washing (although sadly ironing tonight), eating well, and generally keeping on top of things. Sure, I have a “little list” that was left to assist us in not forgetting things, but that’s what makes blokes tick 🙂

Probably overdid the bangers and mash last night, ended up with about a ton each, and for me, washed down with a small bottle of Stella which is my little indulgence each day!

Shame about Jersey though, by all accounts, almost a total washout, whereas here at home it’s been dry. Granted not particularly sunny, but pleasant nonetheless.

Just finished preparing Mikey’s packed lunch, when I pick him up after school, we’re going to pop into town to have a look at what new phones are out, his contract is due up soon. Talking of which, while in Jersey, both Sheila and Clare’s phones (O2 & Orange) are both eating battery. Have managed to instruct them to turn 3G off and all now seems well.

Until next time.


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