Where were we?

Well it’s a good while since my last entry, apologies for that, have been travelling a lot and been pretty busy with work.

I guess the first update is regarding how’s the running going? Well not too bad actually. I don’t run when I’m away, but don’t usually miss out when I’m home. On average maybe four times a week. Yes, it does seem to be getting a little easier, but I am also pushing myself a little harder each week. Still only doing two miles, but running most of it now. So far have lost just shy of my 3kg already, so may have to increase my goal now. We’ll see. I’ll be honest, I don’t enjoy it, hate it in fact, but I believe it’s necessary to keep the old frame ticking along.

Have played a few rounds of golf with my lad Mikey over the last few weeks at the club. Really must get his name down to join, he’s really good now, so much so his gross front nine was better than mine last week!

Not much cricket to report on, Mikey’s struggling with a toe infection which has prevented him playing, he’s due to get it sorted this week, so after a spell of rest, we should be good to go again.

Done some helping out back stage at the theatre on and off, next “big” one for me will be “The Secret Garden” in September.

The weather’s been far too hot for my liking, we had a belter of a storm the other night, not heard or seen anything like it in years. It woke everyone up at 3.30am, some houses nearby were struck and suffered extensive damage.

Guess that’ll do for now, will endeavour to not wait too long before the next entry!


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