Dear diary….

Well time’s really rattling by at the moment. Thought it was time for a quick update on a few things.

Mikey had the op on his toe a week ago, he’s been told to stay off sport for 3 to 4 weeks minimum while it heals. Can’t say he’s terribly happy about that, but it needs doing. Hopefully he’ll be back at cricket before too long.

After a bright start in the first Ashes Test at Cardiff, (I still don’t agree with that), England now have their backs to the wall and need to bat out the last day. I’m not convinced they can, but here’s hoping. I read somewhere that England have *always* lost the first test since 1997, so if we can hold out for a draw that’s got to be an improvement?

I must congratulate the BBC on a truly magnificent effort with Series 3 of Torchwood, it had me thinking all week, the storyline, acting, everything about it was absolutely top draw. Congratulations all round, I just hope it’s back for another series sometime, although given the attrition rate Torchwood “staff” and the ending of Series 3 I’m not sure. Did read that Russell T Davies says he’s ready to continue so let’s keep the collective fingers crossed. After its peak last week it would surely be criminal to lose it now.

And talking of the BBC, also congrats to Top Gear for the first episode of the new series and the 1940’s race between London and Edinburgh with train, bike and car. I know some criticise the format of the show and state it’s not a “sensible” show about cars. Get real guys, it’s an entertaining show with cars as the theme and certainly excels at that. Long may it continue.

Played my first medal round at golf in many a moon yesterday and somewhat surprised myself at how well I did. A little disappointed with my net 75 since (as always) it could have been so much better. But the fact that I managed to keep the ball in play most of the time was very encouraging 🙂 I’ve the Belfry and Royal Birkdale to look forward to in the next couple of weeks so needed that confidence booster before the two big events!

Starting to prepare for “Secret Garden” with the Youth Theatre shortly, it runs first week of September but everything from a staging perspective always needs kicking off well in advance.

That’ll do for now, until next time.


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