New Year’s resolutions…

Well so much for the updates over Christmas, but suffice it to say a good an relaxing time was had by all!

Thanks to modern technology, I'm writing this somewhere over the skies of Germany on the way to Munich. My thoughts are that it takes longer to drive to Coventry than it takes to fly Southern Germany, granted Coventry is cheaper, but it makes you wonder.

Lots of resolutions for the New Year, firstly to keep this blog more up to date, but secondly to endeavour to enjoy a little more "me" and more importantly family time this year. The demands of modern life, especially work, are for more than they were a few years back, I'm sure I'm no different to anyone else in this, but I do aim to set more time aside and get the work / life balance back on a more even keel. That also means re-discovering my hobbies, especially amateur radio. I'm already planning some new aerials for when the weather takes a turn for the best before too long.

I'm sure we all enjoyed the recent snow, it's more than I remember for many a year, but delighted it's now all gone!

Enough for now, we've started our descent, just wish the bloke sat next to me would stop trying to take over the entire row, his elbows and legs are encroaching far too much for my liking!

Until next time.


Mark Haworth


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