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Thought I’d take the opportunity for a rather belated update while on the train to London to watch England v the All Blacks at Twickenham. Must say I can’t recall attending a “professional” union game, although I have been to plenty of RFL games over the years. At school we were forced to play union, and I hated it. Managed to switch to hockey early on thank God, but later in life I got hooked on watching league (with Wigan) back when they were in their pomp. It was all that was good in a game, families attended and the play was fast, furious and entertaining. Unlike union (then) which appeared dour, even dire. No running play, all ruck, maul and kick. Granted, since the barriers were lifted between the games, union appears to have come on a lot, or at least so I thought until I watched England v Australia on the TV last week in preparation for today. What a waste of time! Sincerely hoping it’s an entertaining game today, obviously would like England to win, but the odds appear stacked against it.

As mentioned, taking the train today too, I spend that much time in the car it’s great to relax and let someone else drive! Travelling 1st class too as a “treat to self”, although not sure what extra I get other than a free coffee that tastes like dishwasher and a shortbread biscuit.

Dreadful news up in Cumbria with all the flooding, especially the poor PC who lost his life during a bridge collapse. We were up in the Lakes a few weeks back and even then, the rivers and lakes were higher than I’ve seen them in years. Makes you wonder about relocating to higher ground if this sort of trend continues.

Life continues with BlackBerry. Recently switched (back) to a BES account, it’s so much better, although BIS has come on a great deal in recent years, you can’t beat full synchronisation. And still loving the 8310, even looking at BB’s latest offerings I don’t think anything comes close for size and bang for the buck.

Many interesting developments on the operator front, provided the deal gets approved, Orange UK and T-Mobile UK will become one, although not sure if they intend integrate their networks or just roam, depends on which web site you read πŸ™‚ Also picked up on the web that O2’s and Vodafone’s first shared site went live recently. Maybe we’re heading for two “mega” networks. Who knows.

Before I forget, if you’re on Google latitude, they’ve now enabled location history, and it’s fabulous! If you ever forget where you’ve been at any time, you can now find out πŸ™‚

Right, guess that’ll do for now, will try and not make it as long before the next entry!


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