The marathon journey – part four

This is part four of the marathon blog, if you missed the first three parts you can find them here:

Anyway, as for the journey, yesterday you found me around 15 miles in, now I’m up to 19.5 miles, the end is in sight….

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I’ll keep the text brief from here on in, there are three more videos (including this one). I may well incorporate the final two into one post since they’re both fairly late on in the run and by now I’m sure you’re all getting bored of it all! 

I just wanted to reiterate that this attempt on running the distance was attempted on Sunday 22nd March. The following day, the UK government introduced more stringent measures on what you can (and can’t) do while the during the current COVID-19 crisis. I’m pleased to report that while on the run, everyone I did come across was adhering to the two metre distancing rule. I even had to cross the road a few times to do the same when the pavement was too narrow!

The good news is that even with the current, tighter regulations we’re still allowed out once a day to exercise. I sincerely hope that remains the case, the ability to get out and run is something I look forward to every day, especially with the current spell of good weather. I’m very lucky in that the current situation isn’t really causing me to change my (domestic) routine much, I’ve primarily worked from home for a few years, I can still get on the radio with my Amateur Radio friends and in addition the archaeological desktop research / reading / learning I’m doing isn’t affected either. I did have a couple of field trips at the back of my mind, and they’re obviously now postponed.  

A few years ago, my wife bought me an electric guitar (I had expressed an interest). I did start to learn, but through one reason or another, got nowhere. It has sat behind the couch ever since. I notice a few musicians are starting live streams now (no doubt to generate a bit of cash since they’ve lost all their gigs), I love the ingenuity of what they’re doing. You can attend a gig in the privacy of your own house! I notice too that some are offering online lessons. Hmmmm, maybe now is a good time to try and learn again….

For those who have already donated, thank you! For those that would like to, here’s a link to where you can pledge support.

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    1. Up until this point I’ve varied between two seconds behind and 10 seconds ahead of the target pace. Hanging on in there!

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