The marathon journey – Conclusion


This is the concluding part of the marathon journey blog, if you missed any of the previous blogs, you can find them here:

23.5 miles in, still going. Please note, I make the same mistake again and state the London Marathon is on October 9th. it’s not, it’s October the 4th!

And finally, the finish line.

I’ll still keep this brief, maybe in the next few days I’ll post a final update about it all, but for now, all you need to know was that yes, I did complete the distance, and just within my target time. To avoid any doubt, here’s the screenshot of runkeeper. I was a little late in stopping the clock (hence 26.27 miles), I can confirm I was just inside my target time of six hours. 

So what next? When I spoke with my trainer, he obviously congratulated me on achieving what I’d set out to do, but also added that I now needed to work on getting my time down. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I still have the London Marathon to look forward to, I just hope the current COVID-19 situation doesn’t impact on the October date. Only time will tell.

I had previously steadfastly stated that the London Marathon was to be my one and only. Well that’s now clearly not the case, but since running the distance last weekend, I’m now confident, that provided I keep my fitness up, there’s no reason (I hope) why I can’t add 26.2 miles to the list of distances I can just run, similar to 10k’s and half marathons.

I strongly doubt I’ll get in next year’s London event, but I’ll try. And if not, I’ll aim for one more local. I already have a charity decided for the next one, so keep you eyes peeled for any breaking news!

In the meantime, thanks for following, I hope you’ve found the updates interesting! I’d be curious to know if you’d like similar video blogs when I run the London event next October?


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