Latest on the London Marathon.

For those that may be left wondering what’s happening about this year’s (2020) London Marathon, here’s a short update.

In summary, the event scheduled for the 4th October this year (for everyone except elite runners), has now been put back until October of next year (2021). The elite runners will do a few laps of a London Park on the 4th October, as expected, no spectating allowed.

In the meantime, us mere mortals are invited to run the event locally (in a 24 hour window) on the day of the elite event in London. There will be an app involved that can prove you actually did it. This will count towards the sponsorship so at least the charities will get some badly needed funds. This virtual event is not mandatory, but after some reflection, I’ve decided to take part.

I recorded my thoughts on this while I was chugging along on my 12 mile scheduled training run yesterday. If you listen carefully there’s point at which I claim the elite runners can run the event in two minutes. I of course meant two hours!

For those who have already donated, thank you! For those that would like to, here’s a link to where you can pledge support.

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